Launching Early Fall 2023

Tired of worrying about what might pop-up in your children's entertainment? Welcome to Sherwood! We offer ad-free wholesome entertainment for families with traditional values.

Sherwood is home to an ever growing catalog of more than 3,000 titles (ebooks, audiobooks, and videos). We have books and audio ranging from classics like The Velveteen Rabbit and Treasure Island, to a growing library of modern novels. You can also watch hundreds of hours of timeless cartoons, live-action shows, and low stimulation read alongs.

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For the first 5,000 pre-launch subscribers: Pay now, and gain lifetime access to Sherwood when it launches early this fall.

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Lifetime Subscription

One payment to gain lifetime access to Sherwood's streaming library of ebooks, movies, shows, and audio programs. Help restore wholesome entertainment & support artists with shared values. Access begins Early Fall 2023.

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The Problem

Agendas & Propaganda

It is now rare to find kid's entertainment that isn't agendas-laden. You think a show is fine... then, BAM - season 3 hits your 5-year-old with trans cows! WHY?! There is no denying that big media is targeting your children's entertainment to normalize and glorify their views.

Overstimulating & Awful 

Today's children's stories tend to be a mind-numbing stream of fast-paced, loud, over-the-top entertainment full of fussy and anxious characters. To engage the supposed short attention span of children, creators overlook the need for meaningful narratives, characters to emulate, and insightful stories that explain the world.

Goodbye, Big Media!

We cannot trust big media to correct these problems. The chance to reform Hollywood studios and New York publishing has passed. Their storytelling is dividing our families by pushing ideas antithetical to the life we want for our children.

The Sherwood Solution

Bastion for wholesome stories

We are bringing back wholesome entertainment, free from ads and woke nonsense. With thousands of titles from ebooks to movies, Sherwood breathes life back into classical narratives that encourage wonder and appreciation for the ordinary in our extraordinary world.

Promoting virtues, not vices

We celebrate triumphs of good over evil and light over darkness, reinforcing traditional morality. Our aim is to portray what is true, good, and beautiful in stories that we genuinely want to influence our children

Excellent and wholesome is possible...

...but it takes support. We provide a home for creatives with shared values to distribute their media and earn a living outside New York and Hollywood. We depend on audiences to support it.

App coming soon...

The Sherwood mobile and desktop apps will be available early fall 2023.

Core Values

Life & Family

We champion the sanctity of life and the indispensable role of the family. Recognizing the distinct roles of male and female, we affirm every life's intrinsic worth and equality.

Wholesome Entertainment

Truth, goodness, and beauty are immutable standards guiding our selection of stories. We're devoted to building a platform full of narratives that are enduring and timeless.

Powerful Stories

Stories wield immense power in molding a child's loyalties and perspectives. It is not a matter of if stories will shape our children but which. We're dedicated to curating titles that not only captivate the imagination, but also inspire virtue, promoting a truthful and uplifting understanding of our world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sherwood is for families who hold traditional values: families who are fed up with the kind of books in your local libraries and woke agendas popping up in kids' shows. Sherwood is for families who want to see a viable alternative to Hollywood studios and New York publishing.

No. The Sherwood platform is already built. We are currently in the process of adding content daily. Sherwood will launch in early fall 2023, which is not dependent on "funding" the project.

If you are a storyteller, illustrator, or creative who shares our values, we would love to hear from you and find ways to help you succeed in your pursuit of wholesome media. Fill out the question form below.

Sherwood is dedicated to providing an alternative to big media for kids, but our library is full of entertainment options the whole family can enjoy together (especially our books).

Monthly subscriptions to Sherwood will be available after launching in early fall, 2023. The price will be $14.99/month.

Our ebook and audiobook library is primarily built upon the reading lists for Charlotte Mason and classical homeschool programs. If we don't have the book you need for your child's education, let us know, and we will work on adding it to the library.

Have a question?

Send over any questions or comments you have about Sherwood.

Jess Hall


With an Oxford degree and CEO tenure, Jess Hall's qualifications are extensive. But his true drive stems from his most important roles: a loving husband to Ceilidh and dedicated father to Jess (4) and Ridley (2). His parenting journey fuels Sherwood's mission, marrying his professional expertise with a father's desire for stories that nurture truth, beauty, and goodness. For Jess, Sherwood is more than a venture - it's a legacy for his children and yours.


Just as a craftsman transforms timber into art, stories shape our children’s hearts, carving values, beliefs, and attitudes deep within. Properly chosen tales etch patterns of virtue and courage, making them models to emulate. Yet, ill-chosen stories can splinter their growing spirits, leaving hard-to-remove marks. As wood becomes art under a craftsman's skill, so can our children blossom under the influence of wisely chosen stories. Sherwood is dedicated to this endeavor, providing stories that guide and inspire traditional values. We reject woke ideology, focusing on delivering tales infused with the true, good, and beautiful.